Have you had personal breakthroughs?

The power of personal breakthroughs is something that everyone needs. Many people stay stuck on old behaviors or past negative experiences. If something is holding you back from experiencing a great level of success, you can’t move forward until you breakthrough past thoughts, past boundaries and past behaviors.  You have to release the battle of the mind.

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Personal breakthroughs have helped many people increase self confidence, work performance, motivation, efficiency and decision making. You can let go of negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, phobias, hurt and guilt, among others that harm the body and mind, which can negatively effect your life success. You can overcome every part of your life that you have previously felt stuck in.

What are personal breakthroughs? A personal breakthrough is an event that happens in an instant. You have a change in consciousness. You gain a heightened understanding. It is a light switch flipping on in your mind, enlightening you to a concept you couldn’t see or understand before. 

Breaking through is typically not physical. It’s not linear. It’s letting go of an old way of thinking, feeling, or being. This important process has a direct correlation with our Mindset Reset Program. 

Having personal breakthroughs is one of the most powerful things that can happen to you in your entire life.

I assist my clients to understand the cause that creates the effect. I show people how to separate events from their past and the feelings that were shaped by them. Watching people break through truly inspires me. I have a high rate of success in assisting people to release the conscious and unconscious anxieties that keep them perpetuating the same set of feelings over and over.

When you experience personal breakthroughs, you create an “aha” moment. Breaking through means that you decide, you commit, you understand, and you know. It’s a daily process. Your biggest adversary typically is going to be your mindset. This is your emotionally addicted self that keeps you in a state of anger, hate, resentment, guilt, shame, abandonment, rejection, overwhelmed feelings, grief, and apathy. These emotions create anxiety, which results in the fight-or-flight response in your body. 

The outcome will be that you uncover why you do what you do. I want you to understand how past events from your life have created your conditioned behavior. 

Once the mind has experienced a new way of operating, that’s where the breakthrough happens. You will have a new ability to perceive and connect patterns, which allow for clear vision and direction. 

The more you understand how your brain works, the better chance you will have to work with it to create rather than struggle against it. 

Breaking through is not a one-time event, although a breakthrough can come in an instant. The goal is to break through instead of breaking down. 

Our program helps you to gain a greater understanding of your emotions. You will learn skills and techniques to assist you with the breakthrough process. 

The skills you will learn are life skills. They are emotional skills. 

There are common themes that hold people back from breaking through. Most people tiptoe through life never really living it to the fullest. They hope and wish that their dreams will come true.  Instead of pursuing life, they let life happen to them. 

Once you understand the process, you can make breakthroughs a way of life.

A large percent of society is unaware, overwhelmed, and unsure; they live in repressed emotional states. If this is you and you seek to change, then breaking through would be your commitment. You cannot breakthrough by merely being interested. You break through by being committed. For you to break through what is familiar, it’s important that you understand why you do what you do. If you don’t understand why you do what you do, you will continue to create the same identity, the same feelings and the same emotions. 

You become emotionally addicted to the same set of familiar circumstances. 

In the breakthrough process, it’s imperative that you commit one day at a time. When you can focus on one minute, one hour, and one day at a time, you won’t get overwhelmed with the process. 

A key component we will help you through is identifying struggle. Struggle is an identity. It feels very heavy. When you struggle, you are living in resistance. Ask yourself, “What am I resisting?” Resistance is force. You cannot force yourself to succeed. You cannot force yourself to breakthrough. In force, you are in a state of suffering. 

When you become enlightened, you no longer struggle. This is when you begin breaking through the nonphysical emotional state of anxiety. You step into a state of conscious awareness where you “know.” In a “know state,” you don’t doubt. When you doubt, you struggle with your decisions, your commitments and your ideas. You become indecisive and this is how you overwhelm yourself. Procrastination sets in, and you continually get ready to get ready. 

The JDC Personal Breakthrough Program will help you step-by-step to get rid of disempowering habits and language so that you can begin to wire your brain with habits that empower you. 

This could sound a little scary to some people, but I want to assure you, you are not alone and you have an opportunity to change your life forever.

AT JDC we have helped many clients to go through this process and it is incredibly satisfying to see people’s lives change.

I’m truly excited to help you personally accomplish breakthrough behaviors that can truly change your life forever and help you get unstuck.

CONCLUSION: When you can overcome your emotional barriers, then you can have breakthroughs. The more you understand how your brain works, the better chance you will have to work with it to create rather than struggle against it. Breaking through is not a one-time event, although a breakthrough can come in an instant. 

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