What If You Could Reset Your Mindset?

Staying in old mindset patterns and behaviors keeps you doing the same thing over and over again. Many people don’t know how to reset their mindset. In order to move into your very best level of success, old patterns of behaviors need to be replaced with fresh thinking, fresh attitudes and fresh vision in order to launch you into a brand new level of success and happiness. 

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Your journey is about connecting the dots of your life in your mind, body, soul and Spirit. The Mindset Reset experience will help you connect those dots and discover how to live your life on Purpose and Power! It starts with understanding how you can develop better critical thinking, trust your intuition and re-train your inner voice when it try to work against you.

Mindset Reset


Computers, mobile phones, tablets and other technologies are in a constant process of upgrading their software and hardware. Every year, they have more speed and more capacity for memory. Improvement in processing continues to be ever present and it’s mandatory to be able to keep up.    

Imagine your mindset improving and upgrading. Improving its ability to understand and to calculate the patterns that are ever present in your daily lives. A mindset that quickly and decisively eliminates old thinking and old behaviors. A mindset which recognizes optimum principles of operating. 

How would your life be and what would your quality of life look like?

Are you in need of freedom from judgment and resentment in your life?

Do you need help with changing your mindset to one of positivity?

Would you let JDC help yo with letting go of control?

Can you imagine how you would feel about your life if you could let go of all of the negative thoughts in your brain?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the JDC Mindset Reset program is just where you need to begin!


The JDC Mindset Reset Program provides an excellent 30-day course covering everything you need to totally change your life forever. 

You’ll be able to understand clearly your ability to decisively speak a new level of success into your very existence. 

You will practice simple and easy ways to worry less. You will also quiet anxiety, get rid of your limiting beliefs and build a much more positive and happier mind.  And once you learn how to do it, the skill of resetting your mind will be yours forever. Each segment has fun tools and exercises to help you master every part of your mindset reset.

Here are the 7 key categories covered in our proven Mindset Reset Program that can change you forever: 

Conquering Your Thoughts: The thoughts that float around in your head on a daily basis condition you. They control how you think and deal with situations. For this reason, the importance of your surroundings is an essential ingredient of your mindset’s health. We will work through many issues to cause this mindset shift through your Mindset Reset journey.

Avoiding Negativity: The psychology behind negative thinking states that it seemingly protects us from bad things happening. This protection helps us accept the idea that we have mentally prepared ourselves for these instances. Once you train your mind to conquer negativity with logic and reason, the harmful effects from this thought process will begin to dissipate and your breakthrough can occur. 

Staying Positive: We are going to examine answers to situational questions like: Why is this happening? How does this make you feel? What exactly is causing the negative emotions and experiences for you? How can you redirect these negative feelings into positive ones? We will go over these answers in depth and find out the root cause of what’s going on for you right now. Challenge your negative thoughts as they arise with these questions and learn how to stop them as they come with the proven JDC method. By understanding the underlying reasoning behind your negative emotions, you can empower yourself to change this pattern of thinking to one of positivity. I’ll teach you how to do this.

Dropping Resentment: Resentment is a touchy subject that brings on a great deal of emotion for most people.  It’s sometimes not an easy task to let go of the feeling that someone wronged you. But, the unfortunate truth is that resentment builds a strong connection between you and the source of your pain. There is one very important truth here: nobody can harm you without your consent. Remember that releasing this resentment is a gift to yourself. You are not doing this for the people that you hold the resentment for. You are doing this to release the resentment and gain true peace and self-preservation so it’s not on your shoulders anymore!

Nature Therapy: One of our most desired ways to work on mindset is through Nature Therapy. The healing element of nature is no secret, and is one powerful and free therapeutic outlet that seems to be overlooked often in our busy culture. There is an irrefutable bond between humans and nature. Tapping into that bond is one assured way to calm your mind and spirit. 

Letting Go Of Control: This topic is not an easy one to hear. But, if you are willing to open your mind and heart, this can truly change the course of events in your life. Our deep desire to control and micro-manage our lives is deeply rooted in fear. This comes from fear that you aren’t in control of your outcome and journey. In reality, what this causes is accomplishing the opposite and actually could be making these fears become truth. The act of surrendering to that which you cannot control alleviates a great deal of stress and changes negative energy into positive energy. I’ll show you exactly how to do this and master it. 

Focus Focus Focus: In this important exercise, we cover how to focus and quiet your mind. We help you to train yourself to pick up on your triggers of distraction and learn to combat them before they sneak in. This helps quiet your mind of its chatter and focus solely on the task at hand. Make sure you choose a productive space and time to tackle your task. Attention spans are like muscles – the more we work on them, the stronger they get. Through focusing on 4 simple elements and implementing them into your daily life, your ability to focus will increasingly grow.

We guide you through these 7 powerful steps in 30 days. The new YOU is only one click away and you won’t believe how much differently you think at the end of the process. 

CONCLUSION: The mindset reset is an amazing process that anyone can accomplish. If you want to see immeasurable change and results in your life, this program alone can change the course of your life forever. 

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