Would Letting Go Of The Past Feel Good?

It’s a fact that the holding onto the past, especially negative situations in your life can hold you back from moving forward. Without letting go of past hurtful experiences, you cannot be your best self. Many people live in the past but can’t understand why their lives feel stagnant. Living in the present is your key to happiness and freedom of your future success.

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Letting go of the past means stopping the emotional attachment of the past, especially painful memories, and focusing on the present. When you release the past, you can start accepting the present by eliminating old behaviors and then not repeating them. It’s like taking the weight off your shoulders or lifting the anchor of your ship so that you can sail. Forgiveness equals self-preservation. 

Are you ready to stop letting painful memories control your present – and future?

Why do we hold on to the past? What causes us to cling to things that are no longer relevant in our lives? How is it so difficult to let go of experiences that have caused us pain and suffering?

Before I answer these questions, I want to assure you that there ARE solutions to resolve these issues and then you can unleash your full potential. 

Many of us get stuck in the past because of our need for certainty. Certainty is one of the six basic human needs and is fundamentally about survival. We all need to feel certain that we can avoid pain and, ideally, find some comfort in our lives. Learning to let go of the past also means stepping into the unknown future. It means having the courage to let go of what is familiar – even if it’s negative – and being vulnerable enough to embrace and learn from what’s ahead. We will help you with this process!

Why is moving on a MUST for you?

The first step in how to let go of the past is to acknowledge what is holding you back and determine the reason for wanting to move on. What exactly are you holding on to – maybe a failed relationship or a slight from a friend or family member that you just can’t get over? Do you need to forgive someone – either a person or just in your own heart – so that you can let go of anger and step into a more peaceful state?

Once you’ve identified what’s holding you back, ask yourself: “What are the reasons that I absolutely must move beyond this?”. How will your life change when you learn to move on from the past? How will it change the trajectory of your relationships and help you stay connected with your partner, friends, family, colleagues and anyone in your life? And how will you feel in this new chapter of your life?

This is one of the most important parts of the process because it will help you stay committed to learning how to let go of the past. Gaining a clear sense of purpose is essential to establishing your goal. Your purpose will serve as your emotional drive when you feel like giving up.

Identifying your emotional habits is the next step on how to let go of the past. This is one of the most challenging but rewarding parts of learning to let go because it takes a deep introspection. This explores your current belief system and what is limiting you based on your beliefs. In other words, where do you live emotionally?

When you grow accustomed to certain emotions, even negative ones, you don’t really notice how they impact you on a daily basis. You don’t realize that you’re stuck in a negative emotional loop – you just believe your reacting as anyone would to any given situation. But, our unique emotional habits can have profound influence on the way we look at life, the way we act and how good we are at learning to let go of the past. So, why settle for a life where we empower the negative emotions and disempower the positive?

By identifying your emotional habits, you can start to make the shift toward actively conditioning yourself toward a more positive experience.  Your emotions are like a muscle: You can train yourself to feel frustrated, sad, stressed, or even depressed after a challenging situation arises. Or, you can train yourself to feel passionate, joyful and strong regardless of your circumstances. We help you with this so you can glide from old past negative thoughts into new positive emotions that attract prosperity and abundance. 

You can learn how to let go of the past in a way that makes you feel lighter and freer instead of fearful. The more you condition yourself, the more wired those emotions become and the more easily you can adapt to any situation that comes at you. 

You are inevitably going to have setbacks, but if you have a strong enough reason and purpose that drives you, you will stay focused and dedicated to overcome. The blessing is why that setback is not the end; it’s a setup for what God is about to do. Don’t get upset when life is not fair. The blessing is still on you. Every burden bears a gift, every challenge brings a treasure and every setback has a comeback. 

It’s important to understand why letting go of the past is of first priority if you want to live the life you’ve always wanted in order to unlock all of the prosperity and abundance that is already yours.

Don’t ever let the false negative lie in your mind rule over the true destiny that is yours. This all goes back to the Mindset Reset that we can help you with.  These two subject matters go hand in hand. 

YOU MUST CONDITION YOUR MIND. The ultimate breakthrough in life happens by learning strategies, developing an empowering story and ensuring you’re in the right state to move forward. We are going to show you how to re-condition your mind every single day and how to let go of the past. If you don’t make a conscious effort to decide what you allow into your mind, then you are simply allowing weeds to grow and spread. This is a powerful process that we help you with using our simple step-by-step program.

In our 10 part “Letting Go Of The Past Program”, we help you to gain clarity of specifically what in the past is holding you back. Then, together, we will help you implement some simple steps to follow that will uncover your true strengths and help you once and for all let go of the past. Now, you can be launched into your future to achieve your real desired outcome. 

Here are the 10 simple steps we teach you in this program: 

Recognize that it’s time to move on.

Make a list of things you can “re-do”.

Learn how to believe in yourself all over again.

Meditation – the art of physical and emotional relaxation.

The art of living in the present.

Don’t forget your morals and values.

Forgiveness – the secret to self-preservation. 

Letting go of anger and resentment.

Grooming your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses. 

CONCLUSION: Letting go of the past is the key to inner healing, and freeing your mind, body, soul and spirit from unwanted negative emotions that do nothing but hold you back.  There ARE solutions and we help you to implement these solutions step-by-step through our program. You can stay stuck getting ready to get ready, or you can let us help you break out of the past and into a new bright and abundant future. 

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